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Western US Camping Destinations You Have To Experience


Camping in California and the Pacific Northwest has an incredible amount of hiking trails, lakes, plenty of activities and camping destinations with incredible views


Lower Falls- Skamania

This camp in the Gifford Pinchot national forest is set high above sea level and the six waterfalls on the Lewis river. The incredible Lewis trail is for horseback riding or hiking and has a wheelchair accessible path too. A number of other routes in the area branch off along backcountry streams, so there is lots of available trails for hikers. Note that over the falls, the water in the river looks safe, but it is not. The Lewis weaves along cliffs, offering gorgeous sights however potentially harmful slips.

Mossyrock Park

This destination is on the south-west shore of Riffe Lake. It is an extremely popular camping area, and for fishermen it offers a boat launch onto the lake and the neighboring Swofford fish pond, both of which provide wonderful choices for fishing. Swofford pond is south of Mossyrock, and no motorized watercrafts are permitted. This camping area also offers accessibility to a ½ mile nature loop. Bald eagles and osprey nest on the north side of the lake in the 14,000 acre Cowlitz Wild Preserve.


Nehalem Falls, Tillamook

This gorgeous camping site in Tillamook state forest, is located in the middle of old hemlock and spruce trees, and is a 2 minute walk from Nehalem Falls, making this of the very best west coast spots for magnificent waterfall views. Note that swimming in the pool below the falls is unsafe and not recommended. Campers can take a half-mile loop path that follows the Nehalem river for excellent fishing options.

Laird Lake campground, Medford

This remote camping site is found along the shore of Laird Lake. A lot of campers don’t know such a beautiful place exists in the area, making this breathtaking area extremely private. The spectacular view of the lake, in addition to the tranquil environment, makes this one of the most effective waterside campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest. Keep in mind that there is no drinking water or garbage service.


Salt Point, Jenner

This is stunning Sonoma coastline, and home to Fisk Mill cove, has impressive short hikes, and abalone diving. In fact, this is perhaps finest diving locations for red abalone in the state. There is an undersea reserve for scuba divers, which is a protected location. There are two campgrounds, Gerstle Cove and Woodside. Good hiking trails include the Bluff and Stump Beach trails, both with outstanding views. 

Goldfield, Hayfork

Campers can get up, grab their equipment, and hit the trails to the south of the campsite. The trail follows along Boulder Creek, and finally leads to Rock Lake, inside the edge of the Trinity Alps Wilderness, which is one of the largest wild areas in California. Goldfield is the very best camping area for convenient backpacking and tourists will appreciate magnificent landscapes and sights along the road.

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