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Top 2020 Tech Gifts For Outdoor Lovers


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves the outdoors, then consider one of these incredible tech gifts. These gifts are great for any man or woman who spends more time outside than at home.


Garmin Edge520 Bike GPS

If you know someone who loves to ride, this cycling computer will keep track of everything for them. All of their stats and highlights will be recorded, such as max speeds, average ride times and other important bragging rights.

Yi 4K Action Cam

While your phone is fine for a casual pic at the top of the mountain, having an actual action camera makes all the difference. GoPros are a little expensive so consider this one that is less than $100 and provides a great way to record your outdoor experiences.

HUL Drone Case

The last thing people think of is a case for their drone. While they are comfortable spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a drone, they often forget to protect it. Buy this drone case which is the perfect gift for your techy, outdoor friend. 

Ainope Power Bank

Anyone who spends a decent amount of time in the outdoors has issues charging their devices. This power bank is a great present to keep their juices flowing! This power bank has 20,000 mAh of power which will charge anything quickly. Just make sure to recharge it when you get back home for your next adventure. 

Teton Sports Precursor – Backpack

There are thousands of fantastic hiking knapsacks out there. The one featured here is a substantial backpack with a mini price tag. It’s a great buy for people that take place experiences that last for numerous days. The pack has convenient holders for cell phones, tablets and other devices.

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

Occasionally you are enjoying the day on a hike and before you recognize it it’s pitch black outside. Or, possibly you are out hunting with a bow, in which case you begin early and stay late trying to get that perfect shot. A headlamp is the one piece of gear that can assist you no matter what you’re doing in the dark.  The one we recommend is the Petzl Tikka, among the best portable headlamps money can buy. It is lightweight, extremely intense and has a maximum bean size of 197 feet.

CamelBak – Bike Tool Coordinator

If you your friend always carries a lot of tools when they’re cycling, then this is an outstanding gift for them. It allows them to organize every one of their tools and have them conveniently available whenever. It also fits into any backpack, but just make sure they do not currently own one. Some expensive bike backpacks come with device rolls, and you do not wish to get them something they don’t have to have. The tool organizer featured is by CamelBak which is a great brand name for outdoor gear, and all of their products are high-grade. This organizer is light-weight, well-made as well as actually economical for CamelBak.

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