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Things To Look Out For When Buying A Kayak Or Canoe


The first thing people need to ask when they are interested in buying a kayak or canoe is “what do you see yourself doing in the kayak?” The second is “how much do you want to spend?” If you want something that you are only going to use of a few times in summer, then naturally you won’t want to spend that much. However, if you really enjoy kayaking, then there are different levels of kayaks and canoes that you could be thinking about purchasing too. Here are some considerations when you are ready to buy a canoe or kayak.

Newbie Kayaks

A standard newbie kayak, is call a recreational kayak. A recreational kayak is a watercraft that has a large opening called a cockpit. It is extremely easy to enter and get out of, adaptable for children and adults. It is extremely steady and a little heavier than other canoes or kayaks. It is constructed out of polyethylene plastic, and is very thick in order to keep its structural integrity. So in your basic novice kayaks or canoes, it will certainly have a tendency to be a little bit much heavier however far more secure as a result of their size and their length.

Intermediate Kayaks

There are some canoes and kayaks that are kind of a hybrid in between both beginner and more advanced models, and these types of watercraft, is typically light-weight, but allow for a larger cockpit. It is similar to a novice or beginner model, but is made out of a material called carbonite. As well as a result, the framework is really light-weight. This particular watercraft is a little more money, yet you are getting a large cockpit, a lighter weight boat, and are getting an extremely resilient watercraft. This is great for someone who wants to move up to the next level and perhaps get into a little more rougher water.

Advanced Kayaks

As you proceed up the various styles of boats based upon your own paddling abilities, you could begin working towards watercrafts called a touring-style kayak. These watercrafts can still be constructed of the polyethylene material or carbonite, yet you will discover that it is a whole lot thinner, and are most likely to be a lot longer too. It will also have a smaller sized openings to get into the cockpit, and they are designed for more experienced paddler so you can take them out into more adverse conditions or river rapids.

Kayak and Canoe Costs

The price of the watercraft you choose depends on the quality as well. For a recreational style boat you can generally get one for around $500 – $600. There are some that cost less but you may find that they are smaller and they might not meet your needs. As you progress up into better high quality materials and more advanced skill level watercrafts, the cost also goes up due to the material expense, framework design and features. 

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