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The Best Techniques To Use When Bass Aren’t Biting


Bass fishing can be one of the most interesting kind of angling about, however on the toughest of days, it also can be one of the most annoying. Finicky fish can be irritating, and rightly so. The majority of anglers anticipate their tried and true methods to boat big tons of bass, but in some cases points just do not go as planned. Nonetheless, there are numerous means to stack the deck in your support. Below are 5 ways to awaken those particular bass!


Altering your rig can make the difference between catching fish or going home skunked. There are a number of ways to change up your bait and tactics. The way you setup your rig will cause the soft bait to flutter and go down as it’s pulled through the water, which will certainly entice a hungry bass in most cases. The secret to success is that your presentation resembles a wounded bait. 


The drop-shot gear has been around for a while on the tournament circuit, generating big fish for those seeking a trophy. This finesse method, drop-shotting is normally used with lighter line, though dirty water allows anglers the possibility to bulk up their braid without spooking the fish. The secret with this method is to leave your bait in the strike area as much as possible, dancing it in front of a finicky fish so they just can’t resist striking it. This technique works well around anchors as well as deeper locations of cover, or in the shallows. The key is in feeling the weight of your sinker and just moving the pole tip sufficient to maintain the attraction on the move, enough to attract that bass to attack.


Using bigger baits that are brilliantly colored can entice a bite.  Don’t be afraid to change up the appearances of your lures on a regular basis, instead of battering the water with the same offering that isn’t catching fish. If a bass is hanging in the shallows, any type of unfortunate intruder will certainly be sent packing, however if the fish can see your lure, they’ll be more likely to strike. 


Fishermen all across the country long have understood the value of using live bait, including crawfish and salamanders for big bass. While the common nightcrawler is good, do not forget all the other types around: minnows, shad, sunfish, bream, crickets, grasshoppers and crawfish. Obviously you have to review the local fishing laws before using live bait. 


Bass are equal-opportunity squatters and will inhabit a wide range of undersea terrain, so you merely need to understand where to find that big fish. The life process of the bass is based heavily on eating and spawning, so knowing when to be locating particular areas for those fish is important. Among the known year-round haunts of big bass are docks, pilings and other manmade frameworks, however you shouldn’t overlook the all-natural covers that’s so enticing to bass, weed mats that provide hiding and ambush spots for them.

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