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Ten Essential Swimming Pool Accessories For An Amazing Summer


Warm temperatures means we are getting ready to spend some much needed time in the pool. The right accessories can help you make the most of your time in the water. While you’re stockpiling on sun block or flip flops, you might want to look into a few of these incredible swimming pool accessories.

Swimming pool floaties and loungers

Nothing is better than an afternoon drifting in the swimming pool. From loungers to hammocks to inflatable rings, there are a lot of inflatable swimming pool floats and loungers. 

Pool toys

If you have children, you’ll definitely need pool games and lots of toys. Searching for diving sticks or playing a game of catch provides lots of enjoyable for your family. Your kids will be having such a great time, they won’t also realize the game is helping them be active and progress as swimmers!

Robot pool cleaners and vacuums

Most people would prefer to hang around enjoying their swimming pool than maintaining it. However, it is an important job. With the right tools however,  a high-grade pool vacuum cleaner, a robot pool cleaner, or with rubbing mitts, cleaning is much easier. 

Pool lighting

If you’re preparing time outdoors that might prolong into the night, you’ll have to have some pool lights. A soft, warm radiance can set the mood and extend the swimming time into the night. There are plenty of lighting options for swimming pools that can help you to make the most of those warm evenings all summer season long.

Vivid beach towels

Swimmers will most definitely need some beach towels. By making them readily available you don’t need to worry about running low on towels in the restroom or risk having your good bath towels getting dirty. 

A water-proof case for your smartphone

Phones are a valuable device for swimming pool owners. You can use them to take pictures of the kids swimming, download helpful maintenance apps, and relaxing by the pool. Nevertheless, using your smartphone around the pool places it in danger for water damage. Get a waterproof case to protect your phone and get peace of mind.

Water-proof Bluetooth audio speaker

Whether you’re throwing an impressive pool party or just relaxing, songs are a must! Waterproof drifting speakers can be an economical alternative to purchasing a full outdoor stereo but still getting a top quality sound. 


Safety glasses are terrific for water enthusiasts of every ages. They help hesitant kids really feel comfortable in the water, so get a pair of goggles for the pool. 

Solar swimming pool cover

If you are into saving money, having a longer swimming season, and helping  the environment, a solar swimming pool cover is a great accessory to purchase. These covers trap the heat from the sun, stop water from vaporizing and keep your swimming pool warmer naturally. 

Lining fixing package

Swimming pool linings rip and split, and can occur to even the most cautious owners. If damage happens while opening your swimming pool, it’s handy to have a swimming pool liner fixing kit handy. 

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