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Simple Tricks To Make Pool Maintenance Easier


Having a pool is a great way to relax and unwind, however keeping up with the maintenance can be overwhelming. The first thing is to do some research. Seek advice from a swimming pool professional, your next-door neighbors, or your local pool companies to get the names of places to keep your swimming pool looking great. If you obtain names from professionals and service providers, make sure they give you references so you can get feedback from their customers. As you would with any home professional, we recommend seriously vetting anyone who will be helping to preserve your investment.

If hiring a “pool person” is something you can not pay for or don’t care to do, then it’s time to divvy up the job. Ideally, everyone in the household should take part in taking care of the pool. If they use it, then they help take care of it. Even the family members who are too young to handle chemicals, can bring their towels to the laundry room or store their toys in the shed at the end of the day. When everybody makes it a community initiative, it makes it easier to enjoy. Which means mom and dad don’t have to “do everything” and the kids get early lessons on working for something so they appreciate it more. The following are simple actions to execute but easy to forget tips for a cleaner swimming pool:

Skim consistently

Skim your swimming pool on a regular basis. How frequently will depend on how many particles normally fall under your swimming pool; however do not leave it for another day, even when the days the swimming pool is not being utilized. Get in the habit of checking the skimmer basket each time you use the leaf rake. Don’t let it overflow or sit for a while filled all the way to the top with debris. Doing so causes bad water flow and offers algae a footing.

Examine the water

Swimming pool water requires to be checked a minimum of two to three times each week. If your swimming pool is used a lot then you may need to evaluate it on a daily basis. Swimming pools that are used more frequently are highly likely to experience a chemical imbalance than swimming pools that are used less often. Suntan lotion, tanners and various other chemicals boost the chemical levels in your swimming pool water when more people use your pool. That’s why it’s so simple to wind up with cloudy water after a pool party.

Brush and vacuum cleaner

How often you have to vacuum your swimming pool and clean the sides will certainly depend upon how often the pool is used. Some swimming pools only require once a week vacuuming while others require it done every other day. If you see fallen leaves or various other debris at the bottom of the pool it is absolutely time to vacuum.

Don’t forget to shock the pool and the most important thing is to check you pool daily.

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