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Best Selling Trout Fishing Lures For Lakes


Outside of your tried and true trout lures, its nice to take a moment and consider some other options that have been successful for other fisherman. Here are the best selling trout fishing lures for your next trip out to the lake.

Blue Fox Standard Vibrax Plated 

By integrating showy colors with a vibrating blade that is alluring to hungry fish, in-line spinners are an effective lure in any type of trout angler’s arsenal. With quality construction, the trademarked two part body is made from machined brass plated with silver or copper. It’s free-turning gear along with the bell-shaped housing discharges low-frequency sonic resonances to bring the fish to you.

Berkley PowerBait Power Floating Worm

A dependable backup for when trout are hesitate to bite, man-made worms are built from soft plastic that mimics the shape, structure and actions of the tiny worms trout normally feed on. The PowerBait Power Worm measures 3 inches in size and floats near the surface when threaded straight onto your hook. You can use of a range of various rigging approaches to change the worm’s activity and its position in the water depending upon the particular conditions of any day.

Rapala Original Floater

The Rapala is a time tested favorite with an all-natural minnow profile and a wide range of natural looking patterns. It has been hand-tuned as well as tank-tested to guarantee high quality performance. The lure’s balsa wood frame enables it to drift, while a lip allows it to dive when weighted properly. Due to these attributes, the lure can be fished in several methods, whether you select to twitch it along the top of the water as a surface area lure or rig it with a three-way swivel to troll along the bottom.

Rebel Lures Jointed Minnow

The jointed stickbait is modeled on the original one-piece version, but with the included movement afforded by a jointed tail. Its unpredictable swimming action is evocative of a dying baitfish, upping the ante to make sure that it is more effective at coaxing attacks from hesitant trout than its more sedate one-piece cousin. This lure is good for all freshwater game fish from bass to trout and is available in a selection of styles.

Rebel Lures Crick Hopper

Insect copycat attractions bring bites by closely appearing like a trout’s natural food. They are extremely versatile and can be casted or trolled to capture fish throughout the summertime or fall seasons. At 1-1/2 inches, it’s the best bite-sized treat for hungry freshwater fish as well and is a terrific multi-species enhancement to your tackle box.

Acme Kastmaster

Selecting the best spoon lure is subjective, but can be determined by the water depth you are fishing and the technique you are using. However, this lure is a popular choice for long-distance casting or trolling in much deeper water. Made from strong brass, it will not break, bend or corrode, and preserves its metallic sheen even after repeated direct exposure to saltwater. This sheen is instrumental in provoking fish to bite. 

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