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5 New Rigs To Improve Your Fishing Success This Year


Below we provide five summer season bass presentations that every angler need to know. From utilizing a swim jig to upright jigging, we review the benefit of each strategy and also advise the ideal lure to aid you dominate your summer bass angling objectives.

1. Jigs

Jigs are a fantastic mid-summer bass attraction. They are highly versatile and can be modified for almost any fishing conditions. Nevertheless, of all of the different designs of jigs on the marketplace, one of the best and most successful, is the swim jig. The swim jig is an active technique. You want to cast it in heavy cover or over structures. Then you reel it in as fast as possible, taking intermittent breaks to allow the jig to drop before reeling again. Similar to other bass fishing approaches, you are looking to entice a response strike from the fish. We suggest trying the Z-Man WeedlessChatterbait.

2. Crankbaits

Crankbaits can be used all times of the year; however they can be particularly effective in the summertime when fish are active and more aggressive. Similar to the Carolina Rig, crankbaits can be used through cover while trolling, or as an excellent as a casting lure. When it comes to picking the right lure, lipless crankbaits are great in the spring. Nonetheless, go with a deeper diver when casting or trolling. Crankbaits can help you target fish in the middle of the water, in between 10 – 15 feet deep. When trolling it is essential to use different speeds, depths and techniques. Our suggestion is the Rapala ShadRap Dimension5.

3. Plastic Craws

Plastics are tough, have scent, and are a reasonably low-cost lure that can be used for most types of fish species. Nonetheless, when it involves plastics, it’s difficult to beat a crawfish. This versatile plastic is used throughout the country on almost any setup you can think of. It duplicates the crawfish, making it a prominent bass lure for a couple of reasons. Crawfish are naturally abundant in ecosystems all over. In addition, they are such a flexible plastic, they can be used in nearly any type of situation. Try the StrikeKing 4 inch Craze Tail Rage Craw 7.

4. Topwater Frogs

Topwater baits are good for bass for several reasons. The very first is that they can be used in some of the most difficult areas. They enable bass fishermen to enter into those small, shallow, hard to get to locations where bass hangout all year around. Also, much of bass food sources lie at the surface. From flies to frogs, there is something they can eat by hanging out at the surface. Their weedless style works perfectly in weed beds, lily pads, or stumps where bass congregate. Throw them aggressively in these places and also you’ll discover success. Our suggestion: Topwater Residue FrogPopper. 

5. Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are an ideal multi-species attraction. They duplicate a baitfish swimming across the water, using vibration and flash to get a fish’s attention. They come in a variant of styles, including different blade sizes and body dimensions. If fish aren’t biting, an excellent strategy is to include an aromatic trailer. Whether being plastic or live bait, the addition of smell can help encourage the bite of a reluctant fish. Try the Strike King Potbelly.

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