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4 Unique And Intriguing Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas


If you had unlimited amounts of money, what would you do to your swimming pool? Right here is 4 great ideas that you can have in your swimming pool, a guy can fantasize right?

Fireplace in the Pool

This is a concept originated from a Rich & Famous show, having a fireplace in the swimming pool would be remarkable. This makes two of the best things to delight in on a summertime evening, being in the swimming pool and around a fire, can be accomplished at the same time. What could be much better than that? And these can be done is a variety of ways with one of the most popular type being a fire place that is constructed into a recessed area at one end of the swimming pool, however the blocks maintain the real fireplace completely dry for clean burning. Alternatively it can be set up in the middle of the pool for an incredible ambiance unlike any other. 

Glass Swimming Pool Walls

This is the type of idea you see at high end resorts or zoos, where the cute little seals swim around and you can view them with the glass wall surfaces. While most people wonder exactly how the glass withstands all that pressure from the water, this would be incredible to have in the backyard. This type of pool feature is readily available for home use and can easily be installed. One company that does this is called Hammerhead. They’re the ones that make those glass undersea tunnels where you walk through that are filled with sharks and other marine animals, hoping the scratch you see above you is only a surface scrape in the glass.


The sound of water flowing is always soothing no matter where you are. However, we’re not talking about some normal swimming pool fountain for the charm and o sound it supplies. This is about a waterfall creating a solid, even sheet of water moving right into your swimming pool on a never ending basis. The cascading water nearly resembles glass, and you can walk through or place your arm in it and the water splits around you but stays steady. This is a party show stopper for sure

Custom Swimming Pool Slide

Anyone who enjoys the waterpark or still has a bit of a kid inside will love a waterslide. With options for fiberglass pool slides becoming a lot more affordable, swimming pool slides are more prevalent than ever. Nevertheless, this is not about usual, regular everyday swimming pool stuff. Think about having a slide that starts at a peak of your house, like a r bedroom patio area door then swirls and dips all the way to your swimming pool. It does not even need to be that dramatic to be amazing. Of course, when you construct your very own, there’s nothing more one-of-a-kind than that.

Having a pool in your backyard is a great way to entertain guests. With some of these incredible features you can really be the center of the party and have them coming back for more.

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