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4 Inexpensive GPS Units To Help Guide Your Next Trip


GPS trackers are great for helping us navigate our trips and getting us to our destinations. While the technology has become much more advanced, the units can still be cost prohibitive. Below are 4 of the less expensive (but still effective) GPS units you can buy for your upcoming trip.

MOTO safety OBD GPS Tracker Tool

This is a versatile GPS tracker for your car. The MOTO safety OBD is capable of tracking your vehicle via a 3G GPS. The gadget is connected to your automobile with the OBD2 port. Afterwards, you can track it utilizing a suitable mobile tracking application. The MOTO safety OBD GPS Tracker is very accurate. It can offer you information about the driving direction, traffic, as well as speed of your car or truck. This data is provided to you via Google Maps. This GPS tracker is one of the most affordable monitoring devices presently available for sale on Amazon. You can get it for $25.

LandAirSea Silver Cloud GPS Tracker

This is a GPS tracker that works by plugging into your automobile’s port. The Silver Cloud GPS Tracker can supplying the area of your car with high precision of within 6 feet. The GPS monitoring gadget features a compatible SIM card too. This enables you to track your automobile via a website supplied by their software application. Alternatively, you can track it using a mobile application. The Silver Cloud is easy to use and is pretty much plug and play. You do not need to insert batteries or charge it before using. Moreover, it is easy to start comprehensive driving records for your review. The device is currently offered on Amazon. You can buy it at a price of $25.

Veriot Endeavor GPS tracking gadget

This is a GPS monitoring device that you can utilize to monitor the placement of your vehicle. The Endeavor can supplying you with real-time data about your vehicle’s current location. The system features a SIM card from AT&T. From this source, you are able to figure out the specific collaborates of your car online, using a smart device, or tablet computer. This GPS monitoring device can be used to track your vehicle with a Bluetooth link too. The Endeavor can go for up to 5 days when fully charged. You can buy it on and is offered at a price of $70.

CarLock Advanced Tracker

This is a functional system that you can use of to track your automobile. The CarLock Advanced Tracker gives you with the precise location of your car. This tracker is compatible with your auto’s 01302 port. You are provided with an application that assists in tracking the car’s setting too. The CarLock system can offer you with real-time GPS details without any pauses or delays. It can deliver information about any potential road hazards that may lie ahead. This versatile system is among the low-cost monitoring devices presently offered on Amazon and you can get it for $60.

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