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10 Hiking Trails In California With Incredible Scenic Views


The golden state is a hiker’s paradise, with an amazing variety of landscapes. The nature sites are so superb and include magnificent, glacier-carved valleys, mountainous coastlines, the serenely barren desert, magnificent, snowcapped mountains and an untamed wild.

Yosemite Falls

One of the very best hikes at Yosemite, this trail offers close-up views of Yosemite’s many spectacular waterfall, in addition to scenic panoramas of the valley floor. The route includes two parts for a total nine-mile round-trip walk. Those who are willing to trek the entire path are rewarded with Columbia Rock and of course the incredible Yosemite Falls.

Mount Shasta

The impressive, snowcapped Mount Shasta is among the most motivating places to hike in the golden state. Many site visitors come to Mount Shasta looking for a spiritual experience while in nature. Adventurous outdoor fanatics come for the challenge of climbing to the hill’s top. However, Mount Shasta has a lot of hiking trails that are suitable for the ordinary hiker.

McWay Waterfall

Big Sur’s most photographed sight, this trail is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park, the female pioneer who had a ranch in Big Sure in the very early 1900s. The park stretches along the hilly shoreline, with its forested 3,000 foot ridges that arch over into the Pacific Ocean. The state park has two walk-in campgrounds, which are among the best in the area. The trail is a short hike to the waterfall and you will be richly rewarded with its breathtaking sights.

Sea Lion Trail, Point Lobos

The Sea Lion trail thrills nature enthusiasts that appreciate marine wildlife and sea views. A short, easy walk, the 0.6 mile path is a particularly picturesque section of the preserve in Carmel. The captivating seaside town of Carmel is a one-hour drive south of Santa Cruz, one more location that is great to visit.

James Irvine Trail at Pasture Creek Redwoods 

Hikers can appreciate a few of words’s highest and oldest trees at this park, which is just one of the collectively managed parks in northern California. This grove of old-growth coastal redwood trees descends from a primeval forest that existed when dinosaurs lived. The Irvine trail provides scenic overlooks and dense forest views allowing you to appreciate the beauty of these impressive trees.

Redwood National Park

In northern California near the Oregon border, there are wonderful hiking trails within Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park to gives visitors a remarkable feeling of being far eliminated from the city.

Lost Palms Oasis and 49 Palms Trails

Joshua National Park lies in the rugged Mojave Desert, a unique location of the California desert area. Although famous for the Joshua tree, this national forest likewise has a number of intriguing routes that end up at palm tree oases with unexpected fresh pools of water.

Runyon Canyon Park, LA

The Runyon Canyon Park is a gem right in Los Angeles, a city where locals are rarely seen walking. The 130 acre park is 2 blocks from Hollywood Boulevard. Nevertheless, it’s undiscovered by most visitors. Citizens come here to get fresh air, exercise, or to walk their dogs. You can see the Pacific Ocean and the city landscape from the tops of the hillside.

Solstice Canyon Route in Malibu

This great daytrip is near the coastline in Malibu, and an area of peaceful charm. The route becomes part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which was traditionally an important website for the indigenous Chumash.

Pomo Canyon to Covering Coastline in Sonoma

A few of the golden state’s many awesome coastal scenery is discovered in Sonoma Region, 75 miles from San Francisco. The moderately difficult 3 mile trail through Pomo Canyon which goes across a variety of landscapes. Initially, the route climbs with a lavish redwood woodlands, then it goes along a woody ridge with sensational panoramas of the Pacific Ocean.

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